Modular Operating Theatre

We offer a prefabricated modular wall system especially for the interior furnishing of the operating-wing. The walls are designed to come up to both medical and constructional requirements.

Prefabricated wall system offers the possibility to include in the planning stages complicated installations with different needs, such as air-conditioning, heating, sanitation, high- and low-voltage supply, electro-medical apparatus, medical gases, as well as fulfilling of needs for X-ray shielding, noise- and fire protection.

prefabricated wall system is a prefabricated modular operating room system.

The modular structure gives planners and architects every freedom in planning the floor layout of the building.

Even during the operating phase, Our wall system can be adapted to the latest state of operating room technology with a small amount of structural work.

In combination with the long service life, this means that operation of the operating room units is extremely economic.

The interfaces to the other building trades are precisely defined in advance. Thus, the amount of work involved in coordinating trades in the operating room area is significantly reduced by close cooperation with specialist planners


The wall system in operating rooms and intensive care is designed as non-load-bearing interior wall.

It is constructed as a modular framework system (1200 mm grid).

The high demands, that are particularly required in operating rooms, especially for installability and surface quality, are fulfilled. The wall elements can be easily dismantled and re-assembled.

Wall version

  • Double-faced wall in various thickness
  • Wall thickness 100 mm = Installation space 60 mm
  • Wall thickness 150 mm = Installation space 110 mm
  • Wall thickness 200 mm = Installation space 160 mm (If more wall thickness is required, two single walls will be erected)
Standard wall heights
  • Operating rooms = 3.000 mm
  • Ancillary rooms = 2.700 mm
  • Corridors = 2.400 mm

Noise isolation

  • Double paneled walls without mineral fiber wool, R’w= 44 dB
  • Double paneled walls with mineral fiber wool, R’w= 56 dB

Fire protection

  • The EMV wall system consists of non- combustible materials.
  • In case of fire, no toxic gasses appear.

X-ray protection

  • Double paneled walls got a lead equivalent of 0,68 mm (100 kV)
  • Higher lead equivalents possible.

Surface version

Alternatives for the mentioned walls before:

  • stainless steel painted, up to false ceiling
  • stainless steel polished, grain 240

Material of the wall elements:

  • Chrome nickel steel, DIN59382, No. 1.4301, 1,0 mm thick.
  • Chrome nickel steel is electrically conductive and bacteriostatic.
  • The surface is untreated.

Wall elements painted

  • Stainless steel as before.
  • The surface is finished with powder coating >= 60 µm.

Wall elements polished, grain 240

The material is resistant to:

  • the cleaning agents used in hospitals (as in DGHM list)
  • disinfectants (as in DGHM list)
  • water and steam
  • laser

Our Projects

We are executed & on going projects

  • King Hamad Hospital, Bahrain – 400 Beds
  • American Mission Hospital- Bahrain– 45 Beds
  • Snar tortor qluis nisi usp endisse

Our Projects

We are executed & on going projects

  • King Hamad Hospital, Bahrain – 400 Beds
  • American Mission Hospital- Bahrain– 45 Beds
  • Snar tortor qluis nisi usp endisse


Founded in 2005, Unicorn Medical - medical engineering and Medial Equipment service provider is specialized in Piped Medical Gas Systems, Bed Head Units, Pendants, Modular Operating Rooms, Clean Room Systems, Pneumatic Tube Systems, Nurse Call Systems and other hospital infrastructure services.

We started our Middle East operations in 2005, working closely with major compnaies for executing and managing their projects.


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