Medical Engineering System

Surgeon Control Panel

Touch screen control panel informs personnel in operating theatre about non standard situations by color change in appropriate button as well as by sound signal. Also in those situations, thanks to information shown on control panel,

Operating Room Lights

The integrated CCL LED module maintains continuously, even after many hours of use the intensity and colour temperature are the same as selected at the beginning. The lights performance is the same throughout the entire surgical procedure.

Hermetically Sealed Sliding Doors

KONE hermetically sealed doors are specially designedfor use in operating theatres, laboratories and otherclean room environments where air pressure controland hygiene is of the utmost importance. The doors areequipped with special sealing rubbers, rounded profilesand door..

IPS- Isolated Power Supply

Although perfection in electrical safety is almost impossible, patients and medical staff safety has been recently a subject becoming more and more important in any hospital project. That is why Tedisel Medical is working in continuous improvements to its electrical safety and monitoring systems.

Room Pressure Monitor

The 8630-SM measures the actual room pressure differential using TSI's unique, bi-directional pressure sensor. If the pressure differential is too great, too small, or the wrong direction, the Model 8630-SM will activate audible and visual alarms.

PRD Pressure Releaf Damper

The AerconĀ® LF Pressure Stabiliser comprises from one to seven finely balanced stainless steel blades pivoting on sealed for life ball bearings each with a centrally located balance weight assembly, adjustable for pressure within the range of 5 to 35 Fa or 30 - 50 Fa with additional control for sensitivity.

Peripheral Ceiling Lights

BRR Light Fittings have been design-ed and developed to be used in any controlled environment, where access to the fitting from above the controlled area is preferred. They have been installed in many different industries, such as pharmaceutical, biotechnological, electronic, food, screen printing and many more.

Pass window- Transfer Hatch

Airtight transfer hatch equipped with flush glazing doors cut down significantly on traffic and contamination by providing a better, safer way to transfer equipment. With no protruding or recessed areas that promote bacterial growth.

Surgical Scrub Sink

The Falcon range of surgeons scnib-up sinks with integrated Infra-red disinfectant soap and water dispensing, units are manufactured in 304 grade stainless steel, with contoured corners to the trough and polished finish for ease of maintenance and greater hygiene, with an anti-splash front and integral 360mm high splash back.

Laminar Flow Systems

The ceilings are available in square, rectangular, octagonal or circular shapes In order to suit any room layout and answer specific requirements to create a clean zone around the patient, medical staff and medical devices. Our laminar flow ceilings are mainly used with our Clinic Air

Our Projects

We are executed & on going projects

  • King Hamad Hospital, Bahrain – 400 Beds
  • American Mission Hospital- Bahrain– 45 Beds
  • Snar tortor qluis nisi usp endisse

Our Projects

We are executed & on going projects

  • King Hamad Hospital, Bahrain – 400 Beds
  • American Mission Hospital- Bahrain– 45 Beds
  • Snar tortor qluis nisi usp endisse


Founded in 2005, Unicorn Medical - medical engineering and Medial Equipment service provider is specialized in Piped Medical Gas Systems, Bed Head Units, Pendants, Modular Operating Rooms, Clean Room Systems, Pneumatic Tube Systems, Nurse Call Systems and other hospital infrastructure services.

We started our Middle East operations in 2005, working closely with major compnaies for executing and managing their projects.


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